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NAC Tools high-quality range of dirt bike tools have been designed to make working on your ride easy and fun. Save thousand and do it yourself at home and learn all about what makes your ride tick.

You want to be held in place when riding in all the conditions off-road riding can throw at you. The added grip provided by Revo seat covers makes it easier to stay forward for turns, stop yourself sliding in muddy and wet conditions and hold yourself firmly in place from seat bouncing in the rough.

More side grip is accomplished for the legs with Revo’s durable double-diamond full cover material and more butt grip is accomplished with Revo’s low profile ribbed (LPR) control system. This low profile ribbing system also makes the ribbing durable and ensures riders can change riding position when required but still maintain correct rider position when needed.

Hand-crafted to provide perfect fitment and manufactured from the toughest materials to ensure covers go the distance, Revo seat covers feature double reinforced seams with bias backing and UV resistant threading to prevent stretch failures that result from riding the seat on the seam as you throw the bike through a turn. These fine details are what set Revo’s Control Covers apart from any other manufacturer.

Crankworx have taken their manufacturing processes of their high performance crankshaft and conrods to the next level in durability & strength - to a level that genuine and other conrod manufactures can only dream of.

The Crankworx Top Rod has been designed specifically for use in stock, high modified or big bore engines for the pro racer to the everyday trail rider. When properly installed a Crankworx product will perform flawlessly in the highest powered engine at the highest level of the sport.

Rollex have been keeping riders rolling faster for years - Rollex's Swingarm kits, Linkage Kits, Shock Bearing Kits, Wheel Bearing Kits, Wheel Hub Rebuild Kits and Steering Bearing are made quality designed and constructed from to finest materials.

Guard Products engineers to develop a solution that offered full coverage protection to the areas of most affected by intense friction, rubbing, heat and moisture. To create the necessary protective armour to keep you and your ride Guarded.

Geared Technologies Clutch Kits contain everything you need to upgrade your worn out clutch plates and springs. Each kit comes with new fiber frictions and steels plates with a set of clutch springs match, all made from premium grade materials. The frictions and steels are made to exact genuine tolerances and specifications and produce the same feel and wear resistance of genuine plates and springs.

MX Pro is one of the largest manufacture and supplier of off-road dirt bike parts. Whether you want to bling your ride out or repair it MX Pro has what you need.

Gear Shifters, Kick Starter, Bike Stands, Fork Seals, Dust Seals, Bike Bling, Clutch Kits, Wheel Bearings, Sprockets, Brake/Clutch Levers, Handguards, Rear Chain Guides, Front Chain Sliders, Hour Meters, Motorbike Tools, Foot Pegs, Fuel Tank Vents and Caps, Tie Downs, Spoke Wraps and much more..

Cables from FRP are designed using the latest in cable technology to provide durability and smooth operation. That is why professional race teams have come to rely FRP’s FreeSlide series of cable. Designed by utilising a housing cable that is wound lengthwise instead of around like a coil spring, this technology allows the cable to bend in a more natural arc without binding. Most importantly, it eliminates compression of the cable while being used. Internally fitted with special nylon liner, stainless steel cable to give that smooth FreeSlide action.

Each Pro-Seal's huge range of parts have been designed to withstand the challenging combination of high temperatures and rigorous demands encountered inside the high performance dirt bike engines. Manufactured in state-of-the-art quality controlled computer facilities using the latest high-tech materials made to exceed genuine manufactures standards. Gasket sets, seal kits, water pump kits, engine bearings, piston kits, cam chains, fork bush kits, fork seal and dust seal kits.

Speedline have been design with a special combination of barke rotors and brake pads provide long life and unbeatable stopping power in all types of off road conditions, making Speedline’s sintered brake components prefect for Trail & Enduro riding to full on motocross racing.

Moto-Flow takes oil filtration to a new level with its exciting new range of Moto-Flow oil filters, designed specifically for synthetic and mineral motorbike oils, for use with all brands and grades of oil.

Motor-Flow's reusable life-time stainless steel race oil filter offers many features not found in standard paper oil filters. Outstanding performance is obtained by their high flow rates, consistent filtering medium; billet outer housing which aids in cooling the oil, and a unique progressive rate bypass which avoids unfiltered oil bypassing the filter at start-up, and high-rpm operation - a major concern with standard paper filters.

BO Motor-Oil has been manufacturing their highest quality- hi-performance oil and filters in Holland Europe for more than 25 years; they also rebrand and supply their oil to other well know names in the sport.

Meteor's range of forged hi-performance 2 & 4 stroke pistons provide the ultimate combination of strength and durability, making the Meteor piston three time stronger than most genuine pistons. Thanks to Meteor Piston's more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing top of the line hi-performance forged pistons and engine parts

After hours of R&D, Duramax created its BlackMax valves that will extend lifespan by up to 4 times of the genuine titanium valve. BlackMax valves are made as one-piece billet design made from the toughest, most durable engine valve material known to mankind Japanese 21-4N/SUH35HT stainless steel. Duramax finishes their valves of with special nitride coating that offer high microhardness while supersmooth surface finish reduces friction between stem and guide. BlackMax valves are supplied with matching hi-performance valve springs, specially designed to maintain valve train float/bounce, which adds to increased valve train strength and retaining engine power at hi-rpm.

Put reliability, long life and easy starting back into your engine by installing a Duramax valve train when you rebuild your engine.


ČZ Řetězy, s. r. o. is a traditional Czech manufacturer of quality roller chains, bush chains, silent chains, and special chains widely applied in automotive and motorcycle industry as well in other fields of the industrial and farming production. Our mission is production of the world-class products with the guarantee of maximum satisfaction of all users.

  • Traditional production of the roller chains since 1929
  • Portfolio includes more than 2000 types of the roller chains
  • So far we have produced over 450 million metres of the chains
  • We are a certified manufacturer for the automotive industry
  • We deliver to more than 60 countries of the world
  • We have in-house R&D and comprehensive technology for manufacture of the chains
  • We manufacture in the Czech Republic