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Air Filter Oil - Protect Air 1 Litre - BO Motor Oil

Part No: BO6110
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Works great on all brands of foam air filters

Motorbike Air Filter Oil 1 Litre – Protect Air filter oil prolongs the life of the engine, ensuring the supply of clean, filtered air in all conditions, stopping even the smallest of unwanted damaging micro particles in all riding conditions. An air filter is only as good as the oil used on it and you can have confidence in BO filter oil. It’s got to be good - proven in Europe, a region of sand racers/riders, to have successfully kept engines clean for more than 25 years from "sand" the harshest & finest particle there is to keep out of the engine.

Please Note: We are unable to ship this item outside New Zealand

Protect Air is a totally waterproof air filter oil that will not wash out in water when applied & fitted to the bike, giving ultimate protection in all wet & dry conditions. Some other oil filter brands are only water 'resistant' which doesn't provide complete protection in wet conditions. 'Water Resistant" means the oil filter oil that protects the engine can be wasted out of the filter when in use on the bike, leaving the engine unprotected from damaging particles.

Protect Air has a low pour-point – easy to pour and work into the filter which is very important as this will make sure the oil spreads onto the filter evenly for complete coverage and can easily be worked into air filter pores. Once spread on the filter, Protect Air thickens to give a nice tacky breathable protective barrier to stop even the smallest unwanted damaging particles.

Please Note: We are unable to ship this item outside New Zealand

Why not a wash out in water filter oil?
New test prove that a non-wash out in water filter oil gives the engine the highest protection from dust and water. Wash out in water filter oils do offer the same protection in all riding conditions. This is why now Motoxparts has chosen just to stock Protect Air Filter Oil. BO Protect Air is waterproof and will not wash out when installed. Motoxparts used to stock filter oil that could be washed with water/power but we only want to offer our customers the best, a true filter oil that gives full protection in all riding conditions.
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  • 1 Litre Protect Air - Strong steel can with resealable screw top
  • Made in Europe – BO Motor Oil has been providing the highest quality lubricants for 25 years
  • Waterproof will not wash out in water when in use on bike
  • Can be used on any brand of foam air filter
  • Formula froms a breathable oil barrier to trap micron-sized particles that cause engine damage
  • Nice and easy to apply, spreads easy on filter
  • Can be washed out with solvent, petrol, kerosene or Protect Cleaner BIO Wash (Motoxparts stocks) Note: Kerosene is easy to find and is one of best to clean air filters with, Mitre 10 or Bunning stock this - Using petrol is ok put will shorten all brands of foam filters life.
  • Completely waterproof, prevents clogging when wet, improving air flow unlike other wash out in water brands
  • Colour blue
  • Shake can before use
  • We are unable to ship this item outside New Zealand
  • *Note: Protect Air 1 litre and Protect Air Spray 400ml are the same product, the spray is faster to apply to the filter as you spray it on. Spray is great for when away and need a filter change fast, but the 1 litre can is better valve.