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Chain Cleaning & Lube Combo

Part No: BO9508-M9543114
40.15 27.05 USD

2x BO9508 + M9543114 (Out of stock)

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There is no better way to look after and extend your dirt bikes chain and sprockets  - making sure they are cleaned and lubed well. This combo deal kit has been made just for that purpose.

Cleaning a chain can be a time-consuming job and it can be hard to get the chain clean well on all sides, often when you think it has been done well upon inspection it has not -  Now you have to do it again - Not great after a long ride!
This will not the case when you have the Grit-Off brush, this job becomes a breeze, with a few spins of the rear wheel job done. After the chain is now nice and clean its best to spray a good quality lube on so it will stop the chain from getting surface rust, this also allows the lube to penetrate into the chain rollers before the next ride.
  • Sorry, we are unable to ship this item outside New Zealand
  • Grit-OFF Bristle Brush 
  • Can use on all brands & types of chain
  • Can be safely used on x-ring & o-ring sealed chains
  • Bush heads are adjustable; this is handy for different size chains
  • Long bristle end lets you clean other parts of your bike like sprockets and wheels.
  • Size: Length 260mm
  • 2 x Large 500ml - BO Chain Saver Spray (large Cans)
  • Safe for use on non-sealed, o-ring, x-ring  and all other styles and brands of chain
  • Colour: clear
  • Fast and very easy to apply, no mess
  • Operating temperatures up to 300 degrees
  • BO Motor-Oil from Europe  -BO Motor Oil has been providing the highest quality lubricants for 25 years
  • Sorry, we are unable to ship this item outside New Zealand