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Crank Rebuild Service

Part No: CRANK
51.18 USD

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Advice below is so our customers get the very best performance and life from products purchased from Motoxparts - this keeps everyone happy!

Motoxparts crankshaft rebuild service is available to Motoxparts customers only – We supply this service so our customers can get their crankshaft rebuilt correctly (This service is only available if the conrod kit has been purchased from Motoxparts). All crankshafts are carefully disassembled, cleaned, measured, and re-assembled,  to the tightest tolerances required. We then true the crankshaft to the lowest Factory Specs.

Crankshaft rebuilding is not to be taken lightly, it is possibly the most crucial job to be correctly performed when rebuilding an engine. If it’s not performed correctly the engine will vibrate and the crankshaft and related parts will have a shortened life. In some cases we have seen poor crank work completely destroy an engine in less than a few hours? And the problem is that a rebuilt crankshaft always looks okay -  most people don't own the equipment to check a crankshaft properly and the place that did the work knows this.

 You can be assured if your crank is sent to Motoxparts for a rebuild it will be in the hands of one of the most reputable, best crankshaft rebuilders in New Zealand. He has literally rebuilt thousands of crankshafts and really knows his stuff.

Please read before purchasing this service or sending crankshaft
If you would like Motoxparts to rebuild your crankshaft with a conrod  purchased from Motoxparts, just simply add the ‘Crankshaft rebuild Service’ to your basket with the other items. If you have anything you would like to tell us about the crank you can email us

If you do email, to speed things up please include the sales order number that is on the Motoxparts invoice that is sent to you and also include the  make/mode/year of  bike, your name, contact phone number and delivery address. 

And  you will of course have to send your crankshaft to Motoxparts…. Please send by courier only – not in the post, we do not have a post box so the post will send it back to you. Please make sure the crankshaft is packed very well to avoid any damage in transit. The crankshaft clutch & flywheel threads can be damaged easily if knocked. If your crankshaft is beyond repair (which is very rare) we will call to let you know and discuss where to from there.

Please note: We will hold onto the other products in the order until the crankshaft is ready to send back. If you want the other parts sooner please order the crank rebuild service seperately.

What problems can occur during crankshaft assembly rebuilding and crankshaft assembly into the engine?
Run-Out: If you are having crankshaft issues, running the big end bearings, main bearings not lasting, we advise you to check the crankshaft run out - even if your crank was assembled by a shop or mechanic, just .10mm of run out can be a problem.

Conrod Damage: Dropping the conrod kits parts even lightly can damage them. Even a small mark on the main crank bearing shaft will cause a crank failure.

Please be very careful with the crankshaft - Incorrect Assembly: This is where most problems occur.  It is absolutely crucial to assemble a crankshaft into the engine case correctly. Tapping or pushing the crankshaft onto the webs/weights can put it out of alignment. One of the most common ways for a crankshaft to be moved out of alignment is when the crankcases halves are not pulled together parallel to their mating surfaces. We highly advise using a crankshaft installing tool for seating the crankshaft and cases correctly.