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Crankshaft Installing Tool - NAC Tools

Part No: M9529112
73.07 USD

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Check Below Models This Part Does Not Work With.

Crankshaft Installing Tool from NAC tools makes installing the crankshaft into the crankcases accurately and easy, free from forcing or hitting and most importantly with perfect alignment. The straight pull motion of the NAC Motorbike Crankshaft Installing Tool pulls the crank gently and parallel into the motorcycles engine crankcases without these damaging forces that often put the crankshaft out of balance and can damage the crankcases and its main bearings.

Misaligned crankshaft installation, forcing or hitting the crankshaft during assembly will dramatically shorten the life of a crankshaft, this will eventually lead complete engine failure.

It may cost a few dollars more for this tool, but it will be very well worth it. It will take the frustration, time and problems out of installing the crankshaft into the crankcase and best of all you can do it at home.

Note : Only models this tool will not work on is KTM models 250/300 SX, EXC, XCW ,XC, Husqvarna TC 250

View videos below of tool in use

  • Ideal for final assembly of the crankcase, press them together evenly. (View videos below)
  • Crankshaft installer Tool for Vertically Split Cases.
  • Supplied with all hardware pictured (not the engine)
  • Work on 98% of single cylinder motorbike cranks - Note : Only models this tool will not work on is KTM models 250/300 SX, EXC, XCW ,XC, Husqvarna TC 250
  • Includes both male and female M10x1.25mm, M12x1.25mm adapters and c-clip Kawasaki primary gear adapter.
  • We do not ship this item to Australia - available within New Zealand only.